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Features List:
   Range Bars
      Point and Figure
      Dollar Index
      Indicator on Indicator
      Indicator Dictionary
      Configurable Colors
      Price Series
      Bar Styles

Screen Shot Gallery:
   AUDCAD 100 pips down
   EURCHF 20 down 40 up
   EURJPY 15 pip Range Bars
   GBPJPY 100 pips Up Down

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Are you losing more trades than you should be because your          Time- based bar charts are sending you false
         or just plain late signals?

         Too much noise? Lagging signals? You need Range Bar Charts!


Range bars disassemble rapid movements, and compress slow movements. The resulting smooth chart makes it possible to set your indicators to run much more closely to the price. Noise is eliminated by the bar building, not by spreading out your analysis and making your signals lag.

This makes the charts highly tradable.

 Crystal clear entry signals, Crystal clear exits.

Below are screenshots of a standard 5 Minute GBP/USD bar chart AND the same elapsed time displayed with 5 pip Range Bars.

Notice how the Range Bar chart has more tradable crosses of the MACD.

A picture is worth a thousand words....see below:

The two charts below cover the same time period!

Notice the clear entry and exit points as price crosses the SMA and MACD crosses.

This 5 minute chart is virtually un-tradable. Entries and exits are not clear and are seriously lagging.

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