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   AUDCAD 100 pips down
   EURCHF 20 down 40 up
   EURJPY 15 pip Range Bars
   GBPJPY 100 pips Up Down

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 Point and figure Charting

Point and Figure

This is Point & Figure done right! Our charts are built by the pip in real time, not by consolidating minute based bars.

This means -- fantastic breakout signals!

There are significant advantages to Point and Figure over all other charting systems. This system of charting yields its own trading points and is among the simplest to learn.

Since the Forex By Design software updates the currency charts in real-time, you just need to learn a few regular patterns and a few concepts to begin trading live in the market.

The Powerful Advantages Of Point & Figure Charting:

Easy to understand
It only takes a short time to become adept at Point and Figure charting. The techniques are simple and don't require math or prior knowledge of the Forex market.

It focuses or what really matters: Price movements
Most other technical charting is based on a fixed time axis -- a bar per given period of time. This time based bias can lead to false signals with periods of little or no up or down movement.

The methodology is a chart and trading system all in one
Not only does the Point and Figure chart depict price moves, but most importantly it translates directly into a trading methodology producing clear buy and sell signals.

It has been rigorously tested, and it works
Numerous academic studies have been conducted over a span of decades showing Point and Figure is profitable.

There are exact decision rules
Our Point and Figure charts provide specific entry and exit points, eliminating the common faults of keeping a bad trade too long, or getting out of a really profitable one way too soon.

It gets you in on the major move
In Forex this is especially important because the Currency Pairs trend very well and often give massive moves in one direction or the other. You'll be wisely holding that trade while others are jumping out.

It works the same for both Long and Short positions
Clear Stop Loss and Profit Targets are easily calculated BEFORE the trade, no guessing required.

It ramps up winning trades and keeps losing ones small in scale
Using the "Pyramiding Technique" you ramp your profitable trades and leave your losing ones in single increment size.

It generates crystal-clear trend lines
In contrast to the typical bar chart and other charting methods, Point and Figure is non ambiguous about where to place trend lines. Again, no guessing required.

Because Point and Figure ignores time and focuses solely on price, its signals are ultra-clear, even for beginners.

Point and Figure Charts are made with X' and O's and represent price levels. The short entries below marked by red arrows. Remember in Forex, you can win profits in both directions.


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