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Features List:
   Range Bars
      Point and Figure
      Dollar Index
      Indicator on Indicator
      Indicator Dictionary
      Configurable Colors
      Price Series
      Bar Styles

Screen Shot Gallery:
   AUDCAD 100 pips down
   EURCHF 20 down 40 up
   EURJPY 15 pip Range Bars
   GBPJPY 100 pips Up Down

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 Forex By Design's Indicators

Forex By Design provides all of your favorite indicators, as well as some that may be new and useful to you.

These indicators can be applied to both minute based charts and Forex Range Bar charts.
These indicators can be applied to all currencies, as well as the USDX.


A technical indicator is a series of data points that are derived by applying a formula to the price data of a currency.

Price data includes any combination of the open, high, low, close or median over a period of time or a fixed range.

The price data is entered into the formula and a data point is produced.

For those with never-ending desire to look at currencies through various lenses,
we provide over 40 different charting analytics.

Forex By Design offers 43 Indicators
in 6 categories:


  1. Simple Moving Average
  2. Exponential Moving Average
  3. Linear Regression Forecast
  4. Linear Regression Intercept
  5. Time Series Moving Average
  6. Triangle Moving Average
  7. Variable Moving Average
  8. Weighted Moving Average
  9. Welles Wilder Smoothing


  1. Aroon Up Down
  2. Aroon Oscillator
  3. Commodity Channel Index
  4. Commodity Channel Index Avg.
  5. Detrend Price Oscillator
  6. Directional Movement System
  7. Linear Regression R-Squared
  8. Linear Regression Slope
  9. MACD
  10. Price Oscillator
  11. Rainbow Oscillator
  12. Stochastic %K%D
  13. Ultimate Oscillator
  14. Williams %R


  1. Bollinger Bands
  2. Fractal Chaos Bands
  3. Moving Average Envelope


  1. Vertical Horizontal Filter
  2. TRIX
  3. Parabolic SAR
  4. Relative Strength Indicator


  1. Average True Range
  2. Average Candle Height **
  3. True Range
  4. Chaikin Volatility
  5. Price ROC


  1. Accumulative Swing Index
  2. Chande Momentum Oscillator
  3. Momentum Oscillator
  4. Swing Index
  5. Average Time in Bar **

Additional indicators

  1. Standard Deviation
  2. High Minus Low
  3. Median Price
  4. Weighted Close
  5. Typical Price

** Average Candle Height and Average Time in Bar are indicators designed by VCI Group specifically for Range Bars.

For more detailed information on the above Indicators or suggestions as to how to apply each, see our Indicator Dictionary.

Get the best charts available - specifically designed with live Forex Trading in mind.

 Changing a chart's Symbol or Price Series, automatically updates all indicators in real-time allowing you to quickly check another price series without having to place indicators again.

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