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   Range Bars
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   Dollar Index
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   Indicator Dictionary
   Configurable Colors
   Price Series
   Bar Styles

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   AUDCAD 100 pips down
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   GBPJPY 100 pips Up Down

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  Indicator on Indicator

Various Indicators create choppy lines or histograms when viewed with their most basic settings. To smooth those Indicators, one can apply things like Simple or Exponential Moving Averages to help gain more clarity.

For example:

Notice how the Cyan colored TRIX line by itself would not give clear signals.

Creating an Indicator on Indicator is easy:  

Highlight the graph and click the indicator menu.

Choose Smoothing > Exponential Moving Average, then make TRIX the "source" for the study, click Apply. Then drag the EMA to the TRIX sub-graph to overlay.

  Notice how the Purple EMA of TRIX line has smoothed out the TRIX and   provides useful simple crossover signals.

Watch the Video... Video Tutorials:

When first applying an Indicator, notice the various options of the Source data you can use. There is Open, High, Low, Close, Median and most other Indicators you might already have on the chart. The Source for the above EMA is the TRIX chosen in the Source field.

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